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This Zune Lotoo Survival Shovel Is A Multi-Purpose Tool On Steroids

The Zune Lotoo survival shovel is a military-grade, all-in-one, ultimate survival tool that allows you to thrive in harsh environments without skipping a beat.

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The concept is simple but smashingly impressive: a compact shovel with an articulating head made from high-strength, high-quality carbon steel and a sturdy shaft that features anti-skid sleeves for an amazingly firm hand grip.

Starting with the shovel head, it has a mean blade for all your chopping and cutting needs. You can also adjust its angle using the “six position keys” to unlock different tools such as a hoe or pickaxe and functions such as shoveling, digging, sawing, and prying.

Going to the handle, it’s neatly packed with survival tools. The list includes a tactical blade, a magnesium fire starter, an emergency whistle, a fishing hook, a wire clamp, and a tripod, plus a lot more. All in all, with the Zune Lotoo survival shovel, you have more than 24 tools at your disposal and plenty of space left over in your backpack.

This qualifies it for a whooping number of uses when camping, hiking, fishing, off-roading, or going on rescue and adventure missions. In a nutshell, the Zune Lotoo survival shovel is designed to be the perfect light weight companion for all outdoor enthusiasts out there.

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