Pop-Up Tent

Revolutionize The Way You Camp Out With This Four Person Pop-Up Tent

This four person pop-up tent is capacious enough to house 4-adults and yet, can fit into your backpack. Come camping time, it expands into a roomy and durable abode that keeps you bone dry. The tent’s crafted from head to toe with durable vinyl that can take an absolute pounding. Talking about inclement weather, the four person pop-up tent has a bevy of weather-protection features. The seams are inverted to keep water from sneaking in.

Taped flooring that stays put, allows you to stay dry as a bone, even when the skies open up. It also comes with a rain fly that’s 185T 68D fire and water resistant. In favorable weather, the position of the fly can be altered to use it as a window for ventilation.

Last but not the least, the frame is designed to sustain strong gusts of wind. Be rest assured that you won’t wake up with a missing tent in the morning.

The big draw of the tent though is the ease of assembly. It takes 10-seconds tops to install. The frame poles come pre-installed and pop up in place. You just have to connect the joints and stake it to the ground. Come storage time, the poles fold away neatly and it collapses into a pocket sized, lightweight add-on to your tote. Perfect for light travelers.

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