Eskimo Hand Auger

This Eskimo Hand Auger Lets You Drill Holes Through Thick Ice With No Effort

Ice anglers will appreciate this Eskimo Hand Auger when drilling holes in sub-zero conditions or when ice fishing in open water. It’s built like a tank and features two flat, stainless-steel blades that come sharp as a razor, and are ready to drill holes, right out of the box.

Eskimo 6 Inch Hand Auger (HD06)

Just place it on the ice, grab the pommel handle and push down with your foot while rotating slowly. It cuts through foot-thick ice like a knife through butter. What’s amazing is that it can cut hundreds of holes without the blades needing to be resharpened.

Unlike augers that feature a screw-together design, this Eskimo Hand Auger features a cross-bolt takedown system that prevents you from overtightening. Even when you drill holes through 13-14″ thick ice, you will never have to put your back into it.

The Eskimo Hand Auger weighs just 6.5 lbs. making it easy to carry for your fishing trips. That’s light enough to haul around all day. It measures 48-58″ overall, with a 6” drilling diameter and a 5-1/2″ diameter pommel handle that gives you a firm grip even in icy-cold and wet conditions. Also, it is height adjustable from 48″ to 58″, allowing people of all heights to use it. You can buy it in 3-sizes ranging from 6″ to 8″.

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