Zippo Typhoon Matches

These Zippo Typhoon Matches Will Light Even In The Most Inhospitable Environments

Are you headed out for an adventure? Take Zippo Typhoon Matches with you for a firestarter you can trust in any survivalist situation. These matches bridge the gap between a flare and a match, offering you easy lighting and an inextinguishable flame.

We all know the Zippo company has a legacy of producing some of the best windproof lighters on the market. The Zippo was a standard military issue lighter for American soldiers back in the day. However, carrying a Zippo means you need fluid and flints, and that’s not ideal for a survivalist situation.

These Zippo Typhoon Matches produce a flame no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. They’re windproof and suitable for use in typhoon conditions. The matches are waterproof, and once lit, dousing them in water won’t put them out. These produce a mini-inferno that lights any fire in any environmental conditions. When striking the match, you get an intense flame fueled by the phosphorous in the red section of the match.

Each pack of Zippo Typhoon Matches comes with a water-resistant storage case containing 15 pieces. The integrated striking pad on the inside of the cap stays dry thanks to the container’s innovative design, and you get fast lighting action with an easy strike.

Each match burns for up to 30 seconds, with the strongest flame occurring in the red tip of the match. Don’t touch the flame with your fingers, as you’ll receive a nasty burn. The container’s lid also features a lanyard loop, allowing you to attach it to your pack or belt for easy access. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

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