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These Waterproof Socks Will Keep Your Feet Dry In Rivers And Snow

If you enjoy outdoor activities like cycling, running, watersports and fishing, but don’t like wet, soggy raisins for feet, there is a simple answer to your uncomfortable dilemma! Waterproof socks look and feel like regular socks, but are designed to keep all moisture out whilst being breathable enough to prevent sweat or heat from being locked in.

Whether you’re snowboarding, cycling in the rain or running through the wettest terrains, your feet will remain dry and comfortable. They are easier to put on than booties and don’t feel plasticky or make your feet sweat.

How? These special socks are made from three different layers of materials that work together in unison to ensure effective functionality. The knit exterior gives it the regular-sock-feel, whilst the middle membrane is waterproof and the inner lining is anti-bacterial and breathable. It is the perfect combination for dry feet, even when they are submerged in water.

Adding to their comfort and durability is the fact that the waterproof membranes are not shaped on a flat surface, but rather like a foot in 3-D. This ensures that there is no seam-like ridge which also means they offer a better fit. The wider toe box and padded heel provide cushioning during activities and if you need to, you can also wear them over other (normal) socks for extra warmth or protection in unforgiving climates.

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