Get Your Tires Unstuck In No Time With This Tire Traction Device

If you’ve ever gotten a tire or two stuck in the mud or in the snow, then you know how big of a hassle it can be to free your tires. Enter the Trac-Grabber, a traction device that can get you out of a slippery pickle in a flash.

The device itself is extremely easy to set up – you just tie the belt around your wheel while keeping the gripper toward the outside of the tire. Then you simply start up your car and push on the gas pedal to make the wheel turn.

As the wheel spins, the device will spring into action once it touches the ground and the gripper will provide the necessary traction to free your vehicle. Some people have reported freeing their vehicle in as little as 90 seconds. And all this can be done by just one person, making it the perfect tool for any solo travelers out there.

Say goodbye to ever needing to call a tow truck again with the Trac-Grabber. It works on most types of vehicles and is very easy to use. Whether you are a lover of the Great Outdoors or only drive occasionally, you can never know when your vehicle could get stuck.

The Trac-Grabber is available in four different sizes to fit everything from cars to SUVs – both large and small, and even trucks. It comes in sets of 2 or 4, depending on your needs. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

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