Swedish Log Stovetop

Enjoy A Campfire Styled Cookout By Cooking Your Meals On This Swedish Log Stovetop

Campers who prefer travelling light will love the Swedish Log Stovetop, an innovative cooktop that sits atop a split log, transforming it into a makeshift stove. This is a compact cooking platform that will take up as much room as a book, weighs just 2.5 lbs. and comes with its own travel pouch.

Tuck everything into a backpack and there’s no need to carry a separate, bulky stove. Yet, come meal time, it amplifies the functionality of any log that would otherwise be used for kindling.

The Swedish Log Stovetop is based on an ancient European cooking technique where meals were cooked atop a log split into four quarters and lit from the bottom. This forgotten-technique creates a strong flame that will get your vessels piping hot in no time. The quartered log gets ample airflow from all directions which means that you won’t struggle with the flame tapering down after placing a vessel on it.

Crafted from laser-cut stainless steel, the stovetop is built like a tank. It features four tabbed/angled pieces which grip your log from the inside. On the outer half, there are four brackets with metal inserts that secure the entire setup.

Just insert the metal pieces into the brackets and use any sturdy object to drive/stake it down. It works with logs of up to 14” tall. The entire set up is steady as a rock and keeps a fire burning for hours, giving users ample time to cook their favorite meals.

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