Waterproof Matches

These Stormproof & Waterproof Matches Are The Ultimate Survival Tool

There are few things worse when you’re out in the wild than not being able to light a fire. Unfortunately, nature won’t always make things easy for you so you’ll have to adapt and overcome. If you’re an enthusiastic hiker, or fisherman or just like spending time in the Great Outdoors, then you’ll definitely want to add these stormproof matches to your shopping list.

Even lighting a candle on your porch can sometimes be a hassle, let alone lighting a match in hard weather out in the wild. Gone are the days of trying to find cover to light a match, because these matches are made for even the most extreme weather conditions.

The matches burn for up to 15 seconds and are entirely windproof. Not only are they wind-resistant but they stay lit underwater. Another cool feature is that if they get buried, they’ll reignite upon uncovering them. This is especially useful during strong winds where you might drop a match accidentally.

The case in which they come is also waterproof and it floats, which is especially useful on late night fishing trips. If you haven’t dropped a pack of matches overboard, you’re not a true fisherman. The kit includes 25 matches, 3 additional strikers which are easily replaceable, and a match case that can hold up to 40 matches.

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