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Revolutionize The Way You Camp Out With This Shoal Tent

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just hang out in your private chill spot on the lake or river? The problem is that unless you have a houseboat, you don’t get much privacy or shade on the water. The Shoal Tent changes all of that, giving you an affordable, convenient, compact, and lightweight houseboat you can take with you to any location.

The Shoal Tent is ideal for fishermen that want to keep their movement out of the fish’s attention while getting some shade out on the water. It’s also a great choice for campers and recreational water sports, allowing you to float out peacefully on the lake in full privacy and with total UV protection.

The Shoal Tent comes with a 100% inflatable design and no need for poles or guy ropes to hold the walls and roof in place. You get a large zipper door on the front, with three windows, one on each side of the tent. The windows feature meshing and roll-down covers for wind, rain, and sun protection, as well as total privacy when sleeping.

This tent is a durable camping shelter, and you can set it up on land as easily as in the water. Put down a groundsheet to stop branches and sharp stones from piercing the houseboat, and you have a great on-land shelter suitable for any camping trip. The tent deflates and folds away into a compact carry bag, allowing easy transport to any location.

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