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Complete Your Hunting Arsenal With The Rochan Professional Slingshot

The Rochan slingshot is the ideal catapult for grownups that are into slingshot hunting and serious competitions. It comes with a nifty wooden handle that offers an ergonomic, comfortable grip. Also, it has a robust stainless steel body along with an in-built aluminum aiming tool. These traits confer the right hunting aesthetics as it is inconspicuous, easy to clean and maintain.

As it befits a professional outdoor catapult, it comes with four useable rubber bands that offer a strong elastic propelling force. Moreover, this all-metal adult slingshot has a double spring design. Thus, the slingshot can support rubber bands under extreme tension, which immensely improves its shooting strength. The slingshot is undoubtedly more than a toy since it packs quite a punch.

There is nothing as frustrating as missing your target despite intense focus and dedication. Luckily, this top-notch slingshot features a laser flashlight and infrared sight. Thus, the user’s accuracy improves while enabling the hunting of game under dim lit conditions.

The forearm brace offers optimum comfort and extended durability since it is made of soft leather. One other unique supportive feature includes a magnetic steel ball holder. Hunters, therefore, worry less about dropping and losing their tiny steel ammo and focus more on the hunting task at hand.

Other auxiliary features include a flashlight holder as well as a snuggly designed wrist support frame. Notably, the flashlight is not included. Despite the Rochan slingshot’s numerous excellent features, it has a compact design which makes the slingshot an excellent addition to every hunter’s arsenal. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

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