Reusable Heat Packs

Help Stay Warm When The Temperature Drops Below Freezing With These Reusable Heat Packs

Hate your hands and feet going numb during winters? These reusable heat packs fit into your pockets and instantly warm frozen fingers and palms. It’s completely reusable and does not require batteries or external power sources, making it perfect for portable use.

Just click the metal ‘clicker’ and instantly you’ll start to feel the pack release heat. Keep it in your pockets to warm up your hands. You can even place them in your shoes to keep your feet warm. It’s lightweight and fits into your palm. How’s that for portability?

It’s an eco-friendly alternative too, to battery-powered warmers, which end up clogging landfills. These heat packs contain a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate with a metal strip in the middle. When you click on this metal strip with your thumb, it bends slightly releasing microscopic metal particles which trigger an exothermic reaction.

The liquified crystals start to solidify, releasing heat in the process. Each warmer can produce up to 129F of heat and lasts 30-minutes. The temperature will gradually start to decrease. So expect high heat for around 15-20 minutes, after which it will be warm.

These reusable heat packs can be reset by tossing them into boiling water. This liquifies the crystals, making the pack ready to use again. From travel to treating acute pain and arthritis, these reusable packs suit a bevy of applications. It’s a perfect gift for your near and dear ones who travel or work in freezing conditions.

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