Pull Start Firestarter

Light A Campfire In Seconds With Minimal Effort Using The Pull Start Firestarter

We’ve all had those days where the weather has conspired against us so that we just can’t start a fire. No matter whether you’re barbequing, making some s’mores or just trying to get warm on a camping trip. Is there an alternative to this stress-inducing procedure? Well, now there is! The Pull Start Firestarter is designed to make starting a fire as easy as pulling a string, quite literally.

You don’t need a match, you don’t need a lighter, and you sure don’t need those smelly gasoline firestarters. All you have to do is pull a string and within 5 seconds the fire will come alive. Sounds too simple? Well, let’s see how it works.

Before you start the process, build some logs around the firestarter and get everything ready. First, once you pull the string, the firestarter will start to emit safety smoke to let you know that the process has started. After that, the eco-friendly ignition pack will catch fire. Finally, there is a fine sanding-dust and wax portion that will burn long and hot, for up to 30 minutes.

The Pull Start Firestarter is entirely food-friendly, so you can make a barbeque, marshmallows or whatever else you want on it. It withstands extreme weather conditions such as winds over 200mphs as well as rain. This makes it ideal for both a cosy home BBQ and an adventurous camping trip in the wild.

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