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Improve Your Archery Skills With The Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Kit

Get ready to be amazed by this redefined hunting tool known as the Pocket Shot PRO Arrow kit. The creators went all out in updating the conventional slingshot to a modern circular handheld design. This design allows for a much compact package that offers greater versatility. Until recently, they included more features that enabled the device to fire arrows, increasing its lethality and capability.

The Pocket Shot catapult replaces the classic vulcanized rubber prone to cracking and drying with a significantly improved latex compound. It is much more elastic despite surprisingly being more robust. The pouch’s base is reinforced to ensure extra sturdiness for propelling various projectiles without damaging them.

Another modern inclusion is the “whisker biscuit” arrow rest. It refers to a donut-shaped series of fibers that functions to hold arrows. The design allows arrow fletching to pass without destabilizing the projectile’s flight path. The Pocket Shot PRO Arrow kit comes with a wrist brace that ensures the user gets a full tug on the pouch. Its added stability thus provides maximum velocity.

There is also an arrow release that functions as a trigger. This reduces the strain put on your fingers. Moreover, the kit includes three red arrow pouches along with nock caps. It has a pretty straightforward arrow loading process. All you need to do is push the arrow through the whisker biscuit into the pouch. You should hear an audible click once the arrow is snuggly fit. Afterward, you can add the nock to its proper position.

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