Pocket Torch

Turn Your Lighter Into A Blow Torch With This Powerful Pocket Torch

Blow torches are utilitarian tools, but can be heavy and tend to guzzle on propane cylinders. With this handy pocket torch, you can turn any cigarette lighter into a wind-resistant blow torch. Just insert the lighter into the bottom container and you get a controllable, high-temperature flame that can be directed exactly where you want to.

This pocket torch is extremely light and easy to carry. It’s just 4.3” long and 2.4” wide and weighs 50 grams without the disposable lighter inserted into it. Fits right into your palm. The housing is tough molded plastic that stays cool to the touch.

It’s extremely easy to use as well. Inserting and replacing cylinders is as easy as sliding open the cap on the bottom container. Positioned on the rear is a thumb-controllable trigger that when pushed, ignites the gas and produces the flame.

The centralized flame is fine and completely wind-resistant. It can reach temperatures of up to 1300°C. More importantly, the flame is produced in the opposite direction, away from your hand at all times. No matter how you hold the torch, there are zero chances of accidentally burning your fingers.

The pocket torch gives you the functionality of a blow torch without carrying additional canisters. Also, with 20 minutes of continuous burning time from one lighter, it’s a more economical option.

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