Pocket Shot

Shoot Further And More Accurately Than Ever Before With The Pocket Shot Slingshot

Remember those slingshots that you used to have as a kid? Remember how much fun it was to pick up little rocks and balls and practice shooting cans around the yard? If so, then get ready for the Pocket Shot – the 21st Century evolution of the traditional slingshot. These portable pocket slingshots are a fun toy for taking on your hikes or just taking potshots in your backyard. They can also be used to scare off any pests you see trying to break into your garden!

Slingshots were one of mankind’s first self-defense weapons. Today, however, they’re more of a fun toy than anything else (although they would make a painful self-defense weapon). While they’re fun, traditional slingshots tend to be bulky and aren’t exactly the most portable items.

The Pocket Shot

Pocket Shot developed their pocket-sized slingshot so you can take it with you anywhere you want. The company also manufactures its own metal and plastic slingshot balls designed to be used with the product.

A 2.56-inch sturdy plastic ring serves as the handle. It features deep, textured grooves so it’s easy to hold in your fingers. The 5.12-inch shooting pouch is made out of high-quality latex that’s designed to propel the small balls at speeds up to 350-feet per second. That’s fast enough to put a hole in a soda can! Some people use them for hunting small games, but more often than not, they’re just used for target practice or scaring off raccoons and squirrels.

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