Picnic Table Briefcase

Set Up A Picnic Table Anywhere You Want With This Portable Picnic Table Briefcase

The picnic table briefcase is a camper’s dream come true. It’s a portable seating and eating surface that folds down into its own, compact storage case that you can carry thanks to a beefy, ergonomic handle. When folded, it’s as big as an electric guitar case, but with a stunning wood finish instead.

Come lunch time in the open air, it unfolds into a sizeable center table with seating for four. On the exterior, you have a laminate cover with a natural wooden finish. Underneath this, the table’s crafted from head to toe from heavy duty aluminum, which is sturdy but very light. The entire thing weighs less than 27 lbs. It’s a right blend of aesthetics meets durability.

The table top is 33.5″ long and 28.5” wide and about 26.75” tall, and features a hole for attaching a beach umbrella. There are two sets of seats on each side. Each 11.5” x 11” seat has a max weight load capacity of 220 lbs. Be rest assured that this will not creak or groan under your weight even if you have one pork roast too many.

Installation and dismantling is straight forward. You just unfold the table, pull out the seating and the legs. Lock everything into place with the easy-to-use locks and levers. It’s a one-man task. All the joints have reinforced connectors, which ensure that it stays rock steady. The legs in particular, feature non-slip feet with triangular supports for added stability.

The picnic table briefcase is a protean tool with multiple applications. Be it camping, kiddie sleepovers, or impromptu alfresco lunches in the backyard, this fits the bill. It allows you and your buddies to get together and share some smiles, without losing sleep over ‘who sits where’.

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