Pajar Icepack Boots
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Conquer The Outdoors This Winter With The Pajar Icepack Boots

The Pajar Icepack Boots make it effortless to navigate through snow and ice, providing you with warmth and traction. These rugged snow boots feature a nylon construction with an inner fleece lining and a comfort insole for additional padding.

Pajar IceGrip Men's Winter Boots, Black, 43

The shaft measures 7.5″ tall from the arch with a 1.5″ rubber heel. In case you seek additional grip, you can flip out ‘Ice Grippers’, which are two foldable metal inserts under the sole. These are specially designed for winter-specific traction and will keep you firm even in slippery terrain. You can flip them out as required and they tuck in flush to the sole, when not in use.

The boots feature a synthetic insulation lining that’s a blend of Pajar-Tex waterproof fabric with wool. This layer is weather-resistant and will continue to insulate your feet even when wet which is crucial if the intended use of the icepack boots includes trudging or hiking through snow.

It is completely antimicrobial too, which means that it will deter bacteria, fungus, and any other microbes from proliferating, which would cause your feet to itch or smell. Unlike laces, which tend to get worn and frayed, these Pajar Icepack boots feature a front zipper with a seam-sealed upper. It’s easy to wear and is more durable in inclement weather conditions.

Comfort rated to -25°C, the Pajar Icepack Boots are the perfect footwear for winter sports and snow activities. They are also handy to stash in your car’s trunk in case you get caught on a snowy road or to wear to and from work.

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