Odyssey 800 Eight Person Family Tent

The Odyssey 800 Eight Person Family Tent Makes Sure Nobody Is Left Out

Fun for the whole family now has a whole new meaning. Call your inlaws, parents and grandparents and get ready for the camping trip of a lifetime. There’s a reason why many people don’t like camping and that’s usually because they don’t like sleeping one on top of the other and being uncomfortable. This can be amplified when you go during the summer, which is the usual time, and the heat just makes everything ten times worse. However, the Odyssey 800 Eight Person Family Tent aims to solve precisely this problem.

This mega tent is designed to make camping as comfortable as sleeping in your home. This is done by dividing the tent into two sleeping “rooms” and one living room. You can even go a step further and make it a five-room tent! This division allows people to enjoy different schedules and not having to go to bed and rise up at the same time.

The Odyssey 800 Eight Person Family Tent features a one-piece groundsheet that is sewn-in. If you don’t know why this is important, then consider yourself lucky. If it wasn’t for this feature, bugs and dirt could easily come inside the tent, but luckily the manufacturer has thought of this. The tent also features see-through PVC windows which include privacy curtains, something rarely seen in other tents on the market.

Another useful feature is the “lights-out” fabric the inner tent is made out of, which means no more waking up at the first light when camping. Last, but certainly not least, the tent has a patented TBS II tension band system which will allow it to stand tall even in windy and bad weather.

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