nCamp Wood Burning Stove

Enjoy A Hot Meal When You’re Out Roughing It With This nCamp Wood Burning Stove

The nCamp Wood Burning Stove is portable, compact, and compatible with more than one type of fuel. Throw in twigs, kindling, gas (adapter to be bought separately), hexamine tablets, or liquids like alcohol. Anything works, allowing you to cook a hot meal in no time.

It is as compact as they come and folds to the size of a paperback book at 9” wide, 6.2” long, and just 15” thick. Despite the all-metal construction, it weighs less than 2 lbs. So, it will fit into a backpack without hogging space or adding bulk.

Setup and usage are effortless. There are two sturdy folding legs that keep your pots and pans stable, even on less-than-ideal surfaces. Under the stove, there’s a collapsible combustion chamber that can be pulled out and accommodates multiple types of fuel.

It should get a pot of water boiling hot in no time. More importantly, the combustion chamber is amply ventilated, which means that the fire does not reduce in intensity when you place a utensil. It does not get extinguished due to lack of oxygen either.

The stove stands 6.3” tall. That’s ample room to store your fuel, regardless of the type. This translates into more time spent cooking rather than refueling the chamber. The cooking surface, on the other hand, is 9” wide, which can accommodate even largish utensils without the entire apparatus tipping over. Once you are done using it, you can unfold and clean it easily with some soap and water, depending on what fuel you used.

The nCamp Wood Burning Stove is crafted from a blend of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel. So, it can easily withstand harsh environments and temperatures, without as much as a blemish to show. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

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