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Be Prepared For Any Situation With The Atech Multitool Pen

The Atech multitool pen is a protean, utility item that packs 6-functionalities in a compact, pocket-sized form. It looks pretty innocuous like a ball point pen would. But neatly tucked beneath that geometric casing, are 6 amazing tools.

ATECH The Original Multifunction Pen 7 in 1 Tech Tool Pen with Ruler, Stylus, Bottle Opener, 2 Screw Driver, and Phone Stand, Multi Tool Fit for Mens survival (Black)

The outer casing is crafted from Aluminum and features a 3” metric and inch ruler engraving. If you are looking for a quick way to run some measurements, you no longer have to go looking for a rule measure.

Bonus points for the geometrical design which keeps the pen stable on a flat surface and prevents it from rolling off, like a round one. Also integrated into the casing is a bubble level, which comes handy in everything from repairs to woodworking.

Give it a twist to unlock the casing which reveals a stylus. Bet you wouldn’t spot that at first glance. Styluses are notorious for getting misplaced. With the Atech multitool pen, you always have one at your disposal.

Just underneath the stylus, there’s a 2.5mm Philips tip and one 2mm flathead tip driver. From impromptu repairs, to wedging open a can at a campsite, the applications of these drivers are many. Last but not the least, there’s a 0.7mm nib for your writing tasks.

This multitool pen measures 152mm X 10mm (6 in X 0.4 in). It weighs approximately 30 grams (0.06lbs) and should easily fit into your pocket without adding bulk to it. The entire casing is crafted from aluminum and copper, which translates into rugged use in demanding settings.

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