M48 Cyclone Spear

Prepare For The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse With This M48 Cyclone Spear

If the Spartans had the M48 Cyclone Spear at Thermopylae, who knows how it would have ended. This spear is the successor of United Cutlery’s M48 Cyclone Dagger but taken to another level.

The look of this spear gives off the feeling that the gods of Olympus came together to craft it for their chosen hero. But, if you’re not interested in fighting for the Greek gods, you can still get this spear to show it off to your friends. There’s no doubting that the design is beautiful, but what about the build quality?

It starts with a sleek 48-inch nylon handle that is reinforced with glass fibre. This will allow you to keep your enemies at a distance and greatly extend your reach. However, we all know that that’s not the main appeal of the M48 Cyclone Spear. At the end of the handle is the prize jewel of the spear – the 9-inch cast stainless steel blade. Not only does it look lethal, but the three spiralling edges merge to make a razor-sharp tip at the end.

The blade comes in two options – with or without bloody red. Both options include a glossy red fill in between the spiralling edges. The spear comes with a robust sheathe that allows for easy and safe carrying and looks as deadly as the spear’s blade.

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