Logosol Smart Splitter

This Logosol Smart Splitter Lets You Split Wood With Very Little Effort

The Logosol Smart Splitter is an axe-free way to get perfect kindling for firewood. This innovative tool uses a spring loaded mechanism to strike the wood, splitting it into perfect halves. All of this without the need for the slightest of effort.

Just place the log into the splitter axe head, raise the striking weight and lower it. The weight hits the wood with 14-tons of striking force every single time. It’s consistent and accurate, something that’s near impossible to do manually. No flying debris or shrapnel to hurt people either.

No need for sharp axes, perfect swings and sore backs anymore. Takes away the brunt and the guesswork. The set up and use is simple, but effective. Any stable surface can be used to mount the splitter. It accommodates wood pieces up to 21.5” in length, which is more than adequate for kindling and firewood use.

Come summer, it can be dismantled into a compact, portable unit and tossed into a corner of your backpack or truck. It weighs 20.94 lbs. though, which must be considered if you seek portability (camping). That said, a heavy axe would probably weigh as much. That’s hardly a deal breaker.

Moreover, the splitter is practically maintenance free. The components are a blend of powder coated steel and high density PE, which will last for years without wear and tear. The Logosol Smart Splitter is a patented tool designed in Sweden. More than 500,000 units have sold so far. If you deal with firewood and kindling, this is the best investment you’ll make.

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