Leveraxe Splitting Axe

Stockpile Firewood In A Fraction Of The Time With This Leveraxe Splitting Axe

The Leveraxe Splitting Axe is a lightweight alternative to bulky axes that will split your back before it splits the log. This cutting tool features a unique axe-head that’s positioned towards the side of the handle, instead of the center.

As a result, it has a different center of gravity that drives the axe head into the log even with minimum force. Picture splitting large logs without hard swings. When the axe connects with the wood, gravity forces the axe head to rotate, splitting the log with ease, regardless of how tough it is, or the number of knots in it.

There’s a hook on the back of the axe head, which doubles up as a break stopping the axe from slipping away off the log, risking an injury, which is commonplace with normal axes. No need to master the swing and certainly no need to put your back into the process.

The Leveraxe Splitting Axe weighs just 4.84 lbs. making it a layman’s tool, rather than a lumberjack’s. Even a teenager can split a heavy log into tiny kindling with this without the slightest of problems. The log measures 35.5”, which is more compact than heavy axes. Makes it ideal for portable use during camping.

The build quality is top of the line. The Axe head is made of Duplex, a stainless steel that’s twice as durable as austenitic and ferritic stainless steels, while the handle is made of polyamide composite with an ergonomic soft grip. There’s another version which features a birch handle too. A 10-year warranty on the axe head makes it completely worthy every dime you spend on it.

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