Inflatable Car Bed

This Inflatable Backseat Car Bed Makes Your Ride Cozy And Joyful

This inflatable car bed turns the uncomfortable and space-cramped backseat naps into restful sleep. These are full-sized mattresses that fit into the backseat of most cars, converting the contoured and limited space into a capacious sleeping surface.

Its firm enough to support the average adult, yet still contour to the shape of most bodies. It is raised up off the floor of the car by pillars, and elevated another three inches when inflated, making it easy to climb into and out of for quick naps.

The bed inflates in minutes, making it easy to set up and take down. You don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy mattress either, since it is easy to store, and it also comes with a free storage bag.

You can choose from different models depending on the car and your needs. There are variants with legs that keep the bed elevated off the car floor and prevent the slop. Other models have a built-in wall that pops up to cover the space in between the front seats. Why, many even come with pillows, neck pillows, gas nozzle and the air pump needed to set it up in minutes.

The mattress is made of tough polyester that can sustain the wear and tear that comes with repeated use. It is perfect for long car journeys, camping trips, or for people who have a small home and don’t have the luxury of extra bedroom space. No need to drive inebriated either. Just set up the bed and grab some much needed shut eye.

SAYGOGO SUV Air Mattress Camping Bed Cushion Pillow - Inflatable Thickened Car Air Bed with Air Pump Portable Sleeping Pad Mattress for Home Car Travel Camping Upgraded Version - Grey

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