Hilarious Cooking Sticks

Experience A Classic Campfire Treat In A Whole New Light With These Hilarious Cooking Sticks

Is there any better way to wind down an evening than with a raging fire? Watching the flames bounce around is a relaxing experience that soothes the mind. Whether you’re having a campfire or just lighting up the fire pit in your backyard, toasting marshmallows and wieners over the flames is an American tradition.

When the kids go to bed, pull out these hilarious cooking sticks for the fire. They’re a piece of comic relief that will have everyone chuckling as you toast away your favorite outdoor confectionaries and snack meats.

Each skewer features stainless steel construction, keeping these hilarious cooking sticks rust and corrosion-free for a lifetime. You get a total length of 24-inches, with 20” from the base of the handle to the stop plate and a 4” distance from the stop plate to the tip of each prong. That’s more than enough to mount a hot dog or marshmallow for perfect roasting.

You get total control over the skewer when roasting, thanks to the ergonomically shaped hardwood handle. Its shaped design makes it easy to hold and maneuver when wearing gloves, and the skewer stick runs through the handle, ensuring the steel won’t bend.

The best feature of these hilarious cooking sticks is the funny designs used for stop plates. One skewer features a silhouette of a man, with arms out by his sides and legs apart. The other is a silhouette of a woman with accentuates curves.

The gimmick with these skewers comes with the positioning of the prongs, and, well, you can pretty much see how it ends up in the product picture. The prongs of the skewers don’t come sharpened, so you’ll have to run them over a grinder to get a sharp skewer stick.

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