Heat Resistant Gloves

Fireproof Your Hands With These Heat Resistant Gloves

Rely on makeshift tools to rearrange logs during an all-night campfire? These heat resistant gloves will fireproof your arm, allowing you to manually grab flaming logs and rearrange them at will. Crafted from a blend of silicone, aramid fiber, and polyester cotton, these gloves can sustain temperatures up to 1472 degrees Fahrenheit, without warping or melting.

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The potential applications are endless. Use them on the grill during BBQ, grab a hot pot from the oven, or pick burning embers or charcoal if need be during campfire. Why they can even double up as impromptu hot pads to place your searing-hot pots if you cannot find them handy.

The different materials are layered to improve the functionality of the glove. The ultra-high strength aramid fiber is used generously in the palm and fingers which allows you to use this for cutting, or other tasks involving knives. It’s practically cut-proof as well as resistant to alkali, acid, and other corrosive chemicals.

The silicone on the other hand is lined on the inside along with cotton, which gives you a firm but comfortable grip, regardless of what you pick up. There’s silicon lining on the edges too, which gives you a snug fit and prevents the gloves from sliding off during usage. You get maximum coverage, almost to your elbow, which ensures that your forearm hair doesn’t get toasted either.

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