Hand Claw Spikes

Awaken Your Inner Warrior With These Hand Claw Spikes

Unleash the Ninja within you with these traditional hand claws (Shuko). Considering that hunting enemies and climbing walls to gather evidence is passé, you can use these to impress onlookers as you quickly ascend trees. The Shuko features heavy duty Nylon bands that you can wrap around your palms. Not only do they keep the claws in place, they also add an extra layer of protection for your wrists.

BladesUSA 2801 Ninja Climbing Claw, Pair

The claws are curved inwards and crafted from heavy duty steel with a black, weather resistant coating. The edges are sharp out of the box and will sink into most trees with ease. That said, climbing trees or walls with these will take some getting used to. If you are unable to acquire a firm grip, you may find that it will peel off the bark without giving you the stable support needed to climb.

But the applications are not limited to Ninjaesque wall climbs. These hand claw spikes are a terrific tool for ice walks, scaling, hikes during winter, and even around campsite.

When worn around the palm, the hand claw spikes measure 4.25″ by 1.75″, which means they are a perfect fit for most adult-sized palms. They weigh 8-ounces. So you can easily tuck a pair into your backpack without adding unnecessary bulk to your gear.

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