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Cook Any Campfire Meal To Perfection Using The Gyroaster Marshmallow Toaster

Perfectly toasting a marshmallow is an art that only a few could master. That’s until the Gyroaster upset the status quo. Now anybody with a pair of hands can toast the perfect marshmallows.

Evenly cooked, a golden layer of brown on top and ready to go in between the crackers. Fancy some s’mores? Gyroaster’s got you covered. In case you were thrown off by the fancy nomenclature, this is a two-axis roasting tool that’s designed to cook marshmallows.

Gyroaster 2 axis Rotating Marshmallow Toasting & Roasting Tool

Unlike run-of-the-mill roasting tools that are as good as metal prongs, the Gyroaster has a two-axis design that rotates and revolves every single marshmallow. That’s the secret in case you are wondering. Think of it like a prong with a telescopic handle that you can rotate, like a crank.

Only with this 2 axis rotating marshmallow toaster, you don’t have to put your acrobatic skills on display. All that you need to do is rotate that wooden handle and the steel prong cranks on two gears which will rotate the marshmallow.

Easy-peasy! While this device is advertised for toasting marshmallows, it can easily be used to toast meat or anything else that catches your fancy. Generally, food toasters leave behind a messy residue of grime and juices that are impossible to scrub off.

But the prongs on the 2 axis rotating marshmallow toaster are made of durable stainless steel, which is one of the easiest metals to clean. It’s rust and corrosion-resistant. A simple scrub will leave it sparkling new. If you go camping, then the Gyroaster is an unmissable addition to your gear.

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