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This GSI Microdualist Cookset Should Be In Every Camper’s Backpack

Campers who struggle to travel light courtesy a bunch of pots and pans will love the GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Cookset. This is a camping cookware set that’s smaller than a book. It’s about 6” tall and 5.5” in diameter, which’s small enough to fit into a corner of your weekender.

But come chow-time, it unfolds into a set of 6, which includes 2 mugs, 2 bowls, foons, and a welded sink. You can cook in the pot and serve a grandiose meal for two campers, without adding bulk to your backpack.

GSI Outdoors - Halulite Microdualist, Integrated Cooking + Eating Solution, 2 Person

The bowls and mugs have sip-it tops with insulated lids, while the pot has a strainer lid, for safe pouring. Your soup/coffee stays steaming hot and you don’t risk spilling a drop or scalding your lips. Even the foons are telescopic and will tuck into the bowls for storage.

The secret lies in a nested design, which allows all of these to fit into one another. Nested designs are not novel. But the GSI Microdualist Cookset is engineered to perfection. Every bowl and cup is a snug fit into the other with no rattle when packed. When everything goes in, there’s an integrated latching handle on the pot, which secures the whole package.

The GSI Microdualist Cookset is designed to sustain extreme weather conditions and hardcore wear and tear in the outdoors. The pot is crafted from Hard Anodized Aluminum, while the mugs, pots and foons are clear polypropylene. Scratches, heat, dings & dents, nothing will put this out of action. If you seek a pocket-sized outdoor cookware set, your search ends with the GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Cookset.

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