G-Shock Rangeman Rugged Watch
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Increase Your Chances Of Survival In The Wilderness With The G-Shock Rangeman Watch

If you love exploring the wild, then you’ll love this new G-shock watch. Being prepared for any situation is a core part of survival in the wild, and the G-Shock Rangeman watch ticks all of the boxes.

That a G-Shock watch is suitable for extreme conditions, should come as no shock (pun intended) to passionate outdoorsmen. However, the Rangeman pushes these boundaries even further. Whether you’re someone whose job demands perfect reliability, or you just want to be prepared for every situation, this watch has got a lot to offer.

The watch comes with a durable, shock-resistant Triple Sensor which allows it to measure barometric pressure, altitude, temperature and direction. The cylindrical buttons on the G-Shock Rangeman watch protect it from impact and allow it to be used in even the most gruelling conditions.

The Triple Sensor button allows you to toggle through all the modes described. Each mode has a unique and audible tone, so you can toggle without focusing on the watch itself. The button has a metal cover that allows for even further impact protection, as well as protection from outside conditions.

The watch is solar-powered, shock-resistant, and provides sunset/sunrise data on demand. As standard, this watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters, which is nothing new for the G-Shock line.

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