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This Small But Mighty Flashlight Will Light A Fire And Cook Your Morning Eggs

The FlashTorch Mini is 40% smaller than the FlashTorch, but that doesn’t mean it’s inferior. The power of this little gadget is actually pretty scary. It’s capable of producing an impressive 2300 lumens of intense white light that will do more than help you find your way during the night. The FlashTorch Mini creates enough heat to start a fire and cook eggs, serving as a handy multi-purpose tool.

Because of its fire-starting capabilities, Wicked Lasers have installed a much-needed safety feature. The automatic lock-out mode is a safety switch that prevents the flashlight from accidentally turning on inside your bag or pocket and burning a hole through it!

The rechargeable lithium battery gives between 30-100 minutes of continuous power depending on the brightness level. You can choose between three power modes, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your needs.

The FlashTorch Mini’s durability is just as impressive as its power. It is built with military-grade aluminum and given a hard-anodized finish. This allows it to withstand the elements and survive in the harshest conditions.

The flashlight also boasts a heat-resistant lens and high-efficiency reflector, dispersing the intense light into a wide floodlight style rather than a traditional flashlight. Finally, the halogen lamp has a lifespan of up to 1000 hours, so you can rest assured that the FlashTorch Mini won’t let you down in times of need.


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