LED Flashlight Gloves

These Flashlight Gloves Will Provide You With Visibility Where You Need It Most

These LED Flashlight Gloves will put illumination at your fingertips, literally. They are mechanic gloves that are fingerless, except for half-finger cuts on the index finger and thumb. These fingers feature concealed LED lights that can illuminate a spot, without the need for a flashlight.

Just point the index finger and switch on the light by tapping on the button, which is conveniently located on the back of the glove. The LEDs are bright and offer decent coverage from a short distance. From fishing to automobile repairs, to electrical work to woodworking, the applications are endless.

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The gloves work phenomenally well in cramped and dark spaces, allowing you to get tasks done without relying on another person. Keeps both your hands free and you don’t have to juggle the flashlight by gripping it in your mouth either.

The gloves are made from stretchy nylon fabric. They are breathable and keep sweaty palms at bay. Securing the gloves is made easy, courtesy extended Velcro straps. These also make sizing effortless because you will get a firm fit on the wrist, regardless of wrist size.

The pack includes two 2 x CR2016 batteries, one for each glove. With regular use, these batteries can be run for 30-hours of illumination on the trot, which is a lot, even if you are a workman who uses it every day. When the lights start to dim, you can use the screwdriver included in the package to quickly swap the batteries. Overall, this is an excellent gift for any outdoorsy person, or handyman who works in dark, cramped spaces for repairs.

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