Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool

Minimize The Irritation Of Annoying Bug Bites Using The Bug Bite Thing

The Bug Bite Thing is an award-winning product that ticks off (no pun intended) a universal problem that outdoorsy people face – bug bites. Come camping season, creepy crawlies are out in full force looking for every opportunity they can get to land that bite on your skin. Mosquitoes are ubiquitous in most parts of the world, camping season or not.

If you are allergic, even a tiny nibble can turn into a nightmare. What’s worse is that no amount of topical chemical creams seem to be foolproof. Makes you wonder if you are insect-magnets. The Bug Bite Thing is a chemical-free way to treat all bug bites. Mosquitoes, fleas, bees, wasps, sea lice, ticks, no matter what nasty insect you encounter, this will help prevent the aftereffects of a bite.

All that you have to do is place the tool on the bite, pull back the lever until you feel a suction and then depress on it to release it. The tool will detach from your skin, pulling out the insect’s saliva/venom with it. This is what triggers the allergic reaction.

The Bug Bite Thing comes with a reversible end cap that you can use for safe storage. The package also includes a stringer scraper which is very useful for removing pesky stingers, before using the tool to remove venom.

A possible quibble is that it leaves behind a suction mark that resembles a hickey. But most people would choose that over an allergic rash, won’t they? Stay Bug-bite proof this camping season with Bug Bite Thing.

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