Bog Out

The Bog Out Is Exactly What You Need To Get Your Car Rolling When Tire Chains Aren’t An Option

Are you up for a trailblazing adventure in your SUV this weekend? It’s all fun and games until the vehicle ends up sinking in the mud. Never get stuck in the mud again with the Bog Out Vehicle Recovery kit. The rope ladder comes with an intelligent design, helping you pull your stuck vehicle out of the mud, snow, and sand.

The Bog Out ladder essentially turns your car’s wheels into a winch. It helps you pull your vehicle out of any situation where you’re stuck and can’t get out without assistance. It only takes one person to set up the Bog Out ladder; just attach it to the wheel, and a tow point, like a tree.

The vehicle uses the 15-foot ladder to pull itself out of the mud using its engine power, with no effort on your part – never dig your SUV out of the mud again. It’s suitable for use on steep inclines and declines, allowing for forward and reverse driving.

The Bog Out is robust, carrying up to 3.5-tons in weight, making it the ideal choice for SUVs and even some delivery vehicles. The durable material won’t snap on you, and it lasts for years and hundreds of pulls. It’s the ideal rescue tool to have in your car when things go wrong.

The rope ladder folds up into a compact storage bag, allowing for easy stowing behind the seat. This high-quality vehicle recovery kit is an essential item for preparing for your next outdoor adventure, featuring Austrian design and construction. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

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