Battery Tester Checker

Never Deal With Dead Batteries Again With This Battery Tester Checker

It’s hurricane season, and the lights in your house just went out. So, you open your cabinet and break out the old flashlights and shuffle through the drawers for some batteries. You slide them into the lights, press the On button, and… nothing!

Most people have all sorts of old batteries lying around, but more often than not – they’re dead or underpowered. This can be a real pain when you need them the most and can leave you stranded whether you need a flashlight for your dark house or you need some fresh double-As for your TV remote.

This handy battery checker will ensure that you never have to waste your time with dead batteries again! It features multiple-size electrodes that read your battery’s power levels and then display its charge level in Volts and provides a useful red-yellow-green chart to indicate whether the batter is good, okay, or low.

It’s powered by a small 1.5-Volt button-type battery that’s included with your purchase and will give the device long-lasting battery life. The best part about the battery tester checker is that it’s able to read all common household batteries. There are individual slots with both positive and negative electrodes spaced perfectly apart for a tight fit to provide 100% accurate readings. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

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