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Ensure Your Hands Stay Injury Free With These Armored Gloves

Tactical, lightweight, but like a layer of steel protecting your hands. These gloves are the ultimate in durability and protection, without cutting corners with dexterity and mobility. Be it workplace use, riding, recreational use, or for tasks in the outdoors that demand bulletproof protection, these gloves fit the bill.

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Crafted from a blend of neoprene and TPR, these armored gloves protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, and more serious mishaps. The fit is perfect and windproof for extreme climatic conditions. Stays in place without moving around and affecting your grip.

The neoprene forms the bulk of the gloves, which allows complete mobility, with a firm grip. Be it gripping a machine or your motorcycle handle, you will never feel the grip wane or the tool slip, even in a sweaty workshop.

Also, the thick neoprene padding in these gloves have an impact dampening effect which absorb vibrations that can otherwise strain your joints. That’s particularly useful for craftsman who handle heavy machinery with strong vibrations. Or the camper who works with sharp tools on uneven surfaces.

The impact-resistance and tough construction will also protect your palms in case there’s an accident where one tends to use the palms to smother the fall. The knuckles feature a tough thermoplastic rubber layer, which is practically indestructible.

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