Amok Hammock

Enjoy The Great Outdoors In Utmost Comfort With The Amok Draumr 3.0 Hammock

The Amok Draumr 3.0 Hammock is an unconventional, but uber-comfortable “Brazilian-style” hammock system. It allows you to stretch your legs, and straighten your spine as you catch 40 winks after a weary hike. It features a suspension system that attaches to the sides instead of the ends, which keeps the sleeping surface as straight as a pole.

No more sinking into the hammock and waking up sore and hunchbacked. Just find two trees about 20-feet apart and you are all set to be hermetically sealed indoors. In case you buy the kit, most components come pre-attached. So you’ll be pitched and ready to snooze away in peace in about 10-minutes tops.

Setup is a breeze. The kit comes bundled with a hammock, a tarp to cover it, and the suspension system, that include tree straps, carabineers, cords and stakes. The best part though is that the inside of the hammock is as capacious as a mini tent. They call it the cockpit and rightly so. There’s a sleeping bag sleeve to accommodate a full-sized sleeping bag, and a whole bunch of pockets to tuck away your emergency essentials.

One of these pockets comes bundled with a bug net. Just pull it over and attach it to the Velcro straps to stay protected from the creepy crawlies. If you crave some beer, you can even prop it up like a chair. When you are ready to walk the woods again, everything can be disassembled as easily and tucked away into the storage bag that the Amok Draumr 3.0 Hammock comes with. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

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