Primus Aeril Campfire Grill

Level Up Your Culinary Game At The Campsite With This Primus Aeril Campfire Grill

The Primus Aeril Campfire Grill is the shortcut to smoked, charred meals cooked on slow burning embers in a campfire. Light a fire, toss the grill on it and cook whatever catches your fancy. It’s portable and lightweight, but built to last forever.

It is crafted from stainless steel without any painting or coating. So its 100% food-safe and ready to dole out smoked delicacies. The steel construction means that it can withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive applications. Regardless of whether you are cooking salmon in the arctic or cacti in the Sahara, the grill will remain rust-free.

It’s a treat to set up and use as well. There are two components. One is the tripod feet, which features two notches that allow you to lower or increase the height of the grill grate. Then there’s the grill grate itself which is a sizeable surface, that can accommodate a mini-feast.

It’s a triangular surface that measures 18.9” on each size, giving you ample room for your sausages or corn on the cob. The legs stand 9” tall on the highest setting and each height setting lowers the grate by 2”. No need to go rock hunting to set up the grill. If the flame is too low to perfectly char the meat, you can lower the grate by unlocking a lever. More importantly, this can be achieved without scalding the skin.

The stainless steel construction translates into effortless cleaning with soap and water. You don’t have to bother about rust. When the embers die and the grill cools down, you can unlock the legs and it folds flat into a 2.8” thick and 10” long triangle that weighs less than 5 lbs. Just toss it into your backpack and you are good to go. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

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