1 Inch Scotch Eye Hand Auger

Meet The 1 Inch Scotch Eye Hand Auger – An Outdoorsman’s Best Friend

The 1 Inch Scotch Eye Hand Auger is a portable auger bit that can drill perfect holes in wood. Be it building an impromptu shelter, or building cabin furniture, the auger makes it effortless to drill holes that are up to 9” deep and 1” in diameter.

Bushcraft Survival 1 Inch Scotch Eye Auger | Manual Hand Wood Auger Drill Bit for Camping & Shelter Building | Heavy Duty Steel Bushcrafting Tools & Backcountry Gear

Drill some quick holes, taper some pegs and knock them into the holes. From table tops to saw horses, it’s a foolproof way to make sturdy furniture pieces. You can also drill holes in ice, clear an unclogged drain, or make tiny holes to check for underground cables before drilling. The applications are endless.

The best part is that you don’t need a drill or any fancy equipment to get this to work. Just insert any piece of wood, or metal that you can find into the eye of the auger, and you are all set to drill some holes. The eye is 1.5” wide, which gives you that extra torque which you’ll need when you run into tough stock.

The 1 Inch Scotch Eye Hand Auger is 10.3 inches tall, with a 3” shank for knuckle clearance, without cutting corners with the drilling depth. It is professionally hand-milled from hardened oxidized steel, with a corrosion-resistant, electrophoresis coating. Come fire or snow, this brute of a tool will work without a blemish to show. No need to weather coat it.

At less than 1 lbs. of weight, it’s not going to weigh you down or hog valuable space in your backpack either. It comes with a convenient, canvas pouch for storage. Toss it into the bag and you’ll have one of the most versatile tools for your campsite uses.

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